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Health and wellbeing in Nottinghamshire

Good health and wellbeing allows us to prosper, live our lives to the full and for longer.

Health is usually described as a "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (World Health Organisation, 2006). This means how your mind, body and environment interact and impact how you feel and behave. Health and care services have an important role to play but on their own do not create good health and wellbeing.

To create a healthy society we need the right building blocks in place, which include safe and secure housing, employment, education, a healthy diet, decent transport and a good start in life for the very young. Where these building blocks are strong, people enjoy good health and wellbeing.

Enabling everyone in Nottinghamshire to live healthier and happier lives, to prosper in their communities and remain independent in later life involves all of us.

Building blocks for health and wellbeing

What is the health and wellbeing of people across Nottinghamshire?

Women in Nottinghamshire live 83 years and men 80 years, which is the same as the average for the whole of England for men but 6 months less for women. In Nottinghamshire, the average length of life in which people enjoy good health (this is our healthy life expectancy) is 62 years for women and 63 years for men.

These averages obscure some stark variations for communities in Nottinghamshire. People living in the least advantaged areas generally die 7.5 years earlier and have spent an additional 14 years more living in ill-health, compared to those living in the most advantaged areas. This is one example of a health inequality.

Health inequalities are unfair and avoidable differences in health between different groups of people.

Gaps like this occur where key building blocks for good health and wellbeing are weak or missing. To fix the gaps, we need to strengthen the building blocks – things like ensuring everyone has a safe and secure home, education and employment, access to a healthy diet, and getting the best start in our early years.

More information about the health and wellbeing of people in Nottinghamshire can be found on the Nottinghamshire Insight website.

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Where can you find help and support?

There is a range of advice, support and services available for people who want to improve their health and wellbeing, please visit the Notts Help Yourself website for more information.

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